Attachment and mounting areas
Unimog implement carrier

Attachment and mounting areas

The Unimog implement carrier excels with its great operational versatility.

For generations, the Unimog has remained unparalleled when it comes to versatility in year-round operations. The reason behind that is that the implement carrier is a unique vehicle concept which was specifically developed for use with implements. In conjunction with the many qualified implement partners, individual system solutions are created which help increase productivity and vehicle usage within fleets. Even in terms of implement operation and control, the implement carrier is a top performer. Plus, the removable multifunction joystick makes operation simpler and thus safer.

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Thanks to standardised interfaces, various implements can be combined and innumerable applications carried out. Among the equipment are the standardised front mounting plate, attachment points on the frame, mounting brackets on the sides and at the rear as well as ball-point positions on the platform sub-frame. This creates a total of three attachment areas at the front, between the axles and at the rear of the vehicle. They can be used simultaneously and enable highly efficient working.

The mounting area is located on the platform. Attachments can be fastened directly onto the ladder-type frame or onto ball points on the platform frame. With the platform removed, the payload is increased considerably. The mounting brackets at the rear can withstand a load of up to 2.5 t.

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