Hydraulics systems
Unimog implement carrier

Hydraulics systems

Power meets precision.

Excellent hydraulic performance which is more precise than ever before: the working hydraulics control implements precisely and without jerky movements. With this in mind, the fully proportional hydraulics system increases efficiency in daily operations. The working hydraulics allow for two positioning movements to be carried out at the same time – simply by using the multifunction joystick. Further functions can be set via the steering wheel buttons. Larger trailer tipping cylinders can also be filled with up to 30 litres of hydraulic oil to draw on as required.

The four-cell working hydraulics and communal hydraulics in accordance with the EN 15431 norm that are used on the implement carrier feature two circuits. Circuit I controls up to eight implement adjustments with a system pressure of 200 bar (32 l/min) over two to four dual-operation valves; alternatively it drives hydraulic motors at the lower output range. When combined, circuits I and II (32 plus 55 l/min) can now mobilise an impressive 35 kW at up to 240 bar. Positioning movements and the powering of hydraulic motors can be carried out independently of one another.

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The load-sensing system is a hydraulic control mechanism in which the pressure and/or flow volume of the hydraulic pump is/are adapted to the conditions required by the consumers. In regular hydraulic circuits, the flow volume to the motor is throttled by means of pressure restriction valves or pressure control valves. The hydraulic pump always supplies the full power, even in the case of the flow volume being throttled. In some cases, this can cause high power losses. The load-sensing system, however, ensures that the pump only supplies the flow volume which is currently required for all active consumers.

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Two circuits, both with 125 l hydraulic oil through-flow per minute and 280 bar pressure: the VarioPower® power hydraulics don't shy away from work, however hard it may be. Regardless of whether several different tasks have to be carried out simultaneously or a single job requires high output. The two open circuits III and IV have the same high through-flow of 125 l/min, system pressure of 280 bar and a maximum output of 58 kW. Operation via the steering wheel buttons of the multifunction steering wheel means it is particularly easy to control. All the settings are displayed in the new instrument cluster.

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Tipping hydraulics 20 l/min, 185 bar  
Working hydraulics (Single circuit) Working hydraulics  
Working hydraulics (Dual circuit) 32 l/min, 210 bar (circuit I)  
55 l/min, 210 bar (circuit II)  
87 l/min, 240 bar (circuit I + II)  
Load-sensing hydraulics 110 l/min, 240 bar  
Power hydraulics (Circuit III) 125 l/min, 280 bar  
Power hydraulics (Circuit IV) 125 l/min, 280 bar  
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